Doctors Amazed: New Patch Helps You Hide & Burn Your Belly Fat – Can You Really Lose 7kgs in 10 Days?

| | Helen Fisher

Summary: People are enjoying amazing results with an innovative new weight loss treatment. Simply stick this patch on your belly and the fat will naturally melt away! No drastic diets, no dangerous surgeries, or hard exercise! Is this the perfect solution for your belly fat problem? Thousands of happy users say it is! We investigate…

As summer quickly approaches, we’re all worried about how we’ll look on the beach, in our swimsuit, and in other people’s photos, right?. I mean imagine the horror of a friend or relative uploading an unflattering photo of you and tagging you in it on Instagram! I can’t imagine anything more embarrassing…

So, naturally, we are all looking for the quickest, most effective way for us to lose weight, reduce our fatty bits and feel more body confident in revealing clothes. 

Well, according to many women, this year you can forget brutal exercise regimes and bland, boring diets. A revolutionary new patch has recently come to market, and it’s completely changed the weight-loss industry forever…

Studies show amazing results

In the study conducted by the French Institute of Obesity and Health, 5,000 women and men saw incredible results:

✅ Metabolism rate increased 2-3 times (your body burning fat stores for energy)
✅ 89% managed to lose 5 to 8kg within the first 10-30 days
✅ 91% of women were able to get rid of significant amounts of visible cellulite
✅ In 94% felt fuller for longer, meaning they ate and snacked less 
✅ In 97% of the subjects, didn’t experience a ‘YO-YO’ effect of weight-gain after use

Scientists around the world agree: this patch technology is a great advancement in natural methods to treat excess fat. There are also voices calling it a “fat burner” and “calorie eater”.

Slimmint Patches Slimint is the most powerful natural fat-burning activator I have ever encountered. I saw with my own eyes how users lost their extra weight. It was effective even in cases of advanced obesity and in the most difficult fatty parts of the body, such as the abdomen, arms or thighs. Not to mention the fact that the subjects lost 1/3 of their excess bodyfat in just over a week. That really impresses even us.”

What is the innovative Slimmint Patches Slimint?

The Slimmint Patches Slimint is an easy-to-use solution to weight loss and belly concealment.

Special, all-natural substances in the patch cause more of the LPL enzyme to be activated in your body. This triggers an acceleration in the conversion of fatty acids stored in fat cells into energy. Fat cells being used for energy means the excess fatty pounds disappeared, fast!

Unlike traditionally orally ingested pills, (which can cause stomach upsets and sickness), the Slimmint Patches Slimint uses a transdermal delivery system. It’s the same method as a ‘smokers’ patch – you apply the patch to the surface of the skin, the active ingredients release substances that stimulate the metabolism, lowering the feeling of hunger – burning fat and reducing cellulite – at a steady rate.

Thanks to the secretive special plant-origin ingredients in the patch, your body will be turbocharged into a fat-burning machine! You will lose weight, naturally and effortlessly.

“After the birth of my son, I found myself with a flabby tummy, stretch marks and cellulite. Fortunately, I didn’t give up and decided to try these patches. Slimmint Patches Slimint helped me get rid of the excess fat quickly, even though I wasn’t on a special diet or counting calories. After one month of treatment, I weigh 56 kg, have lost 21 kg and have regained my pre-pregnancy figure. In addition, the visibility of the orange peel skin has decreased considerably, so I don’t plan to stop the treatment. Thank you Parxal!”

Different stages of action of the Slimmint Patches Slimint formula on the example of a 30-day treatment:

1 week – energy flow, accelerated metabolic rate, weight loss of 4 to 8 kg (depending on individual body predisposition)
2 weeks – improved mood, loss of 2-4 cm in thighs, reduction in cellulite changes by 40%, reduced hunger pangs
3 weeks – flattening of the abdomen – visible marking of the waistline, reduction of fat content by 60-80%
4 weeks – total cessation of eating between meals, total reduction of cellulite, weight loss of 7-13 kg (depending on individual body predisposition)

Proven effects:

Medical tests have confirmed that Parxal contributes to rapid and effective weight loss. The method works day and night, actively stimulating the body to burn fat. 

Slimmint Patches Slimint is able to trick the hunger suppression centre in our brain. It influences the hypothalamus, transmitting impulses that the stomach is full, long after the main meal has been eaten.

It also inhibits the action of the hormones responsible for hunger, so that you do not overeat and refrain from snacking on a large number of calories.

Diets are the past

Fat doesn’t burn itself, so it needs to be helped by speeding up the metabolism, digesting food efficiently, limiting the absorption of fat that comes with food and making you feel fuller for longer. All of this is possible with the Parxal, without the need to train or start a new miracle diet.

This formula has passed all safety tests and has been certified. It is suitable for people of all ages, at any weight.

Below, is a direct link to the official website of the manufacturer:

Testimony of Julie, 34 years old

“The day that changed my life”

We asked Julie how it was that 6 weeks ago she weighed 103 kg, and today we see a slim, happy and healthy woman. Here is her answer.

I’ve heard a lot of good things about this patch.

So I said go for it!

I really wanted to change my life. I wanted to lose weight so that, above all, I could feel good about myself. I wanted to know if I would fit into a size M and if I would still be able to attract a man who would fall in love with me.

Results may vary
“I was losing weight every day”

It’s unbelievable, but already on day 3 or 4 I noticed the first changes in my body. I started to lose centimeters in my waist and hips. The cellulite started to disappear. I felt lighter and lighter every day and, what made me very happy, I stopped thinking about what was in the fridge. This was my biggest problem – overeating and snacking. It’s incredible, but I was hardly hungry between meals! This had never happened to me before. I felt full for a long time after eating half what I normally woudl. And I was losing weight fast, practically without doing anything!

Results may vary

In 5 weeks I lost… 26 kg! My body was impossible to recognize. No more avoiding my own reflection in the mirror. No more feeling ashamed in front of others. No more hiding my body under baggy jumpers. I could finally sunbathe in a swimming costume without any embarrassment.

What makes Slimmint Patches Slimint so effective:

1️⃣ The outer protective layer: It performs a protective function, protects the tank from mechanical damage, water and dust.

2️⃣ The reservoir: the heart of the Parxal™ patches. It is the one that contains the carefully selected active ingredients and plant extracts.

3️⃣ The release-controlling membrane: It releases the substances contained in the reservoir with a programmed speed for a specific period of time.

4️⃣ The binding layer: It binds Parxal™ to your body for the purpose of delivering the substances to the general circulation.

How the Slimmint Patches Slimint works:

? Burns fat: The patches release their ingredients in a balanced way over a period of 12 hours, so that they do not shock the body and turn it into a long-term fat-burning machine. Your body starts to use the stored fat at record speed.
✔️ Reduces your appetite: The patches release natural ingredients to help suppress your urges and leave you feeling fuller, longer. It makes controlling your consumption MUCH easier.
? Speeds up your metabolism: By naturally activating more LPL enzymes in your body, your metabolism will shoot up! You will burn off extra pounds much faster, without having to exercise hard or punish yourself with diets. 

The Slimmint Patches Slimint melts away stubborn excess fat that’s accumulated over the years. Moreover, she didn’t suffer from the dreaded YO-YO effect of quickly gaining back her lost fat!

Results may vary

Forget diets and risky procedures – opt for natural weight loss with Slimmint Patches Slimint

How many times have you tortured yourself with pseudo diets that have done nothing and only made your cravings worse? How many times have you felt depressed and hopeless when the pounds you lost, quickly came back the moment you finished a diet? How many times have you cried when looking at your reflection in the mirror?

It’s time to end the vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting and start a whole new chapter in your life. With the Slimmint Patches Slimint, you can lose-weight without spending a fortune, without the risk of complications or a long recovery period, as in the case of liposuction. This is your time to change everything and regain your self-esteem.

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Where can I get Slimmint Patches Slimint?

You can find it directly on the official website by clicking here.

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