The waterproof and non-slip boots that you won’t want to take off all winter long!

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The most comfortable winter boots for women and men on the market.

Every winter the same problem… The cold weather arrives and with it, the dilemma of choosing footwear that allows us to keep our feet warm and protected from the rain, snow and low temperatures. A bad choice of footwear at this time of year can be costly, both for our feet and for our health in general.

Although it may seem otherwise, it is not easy to find boots that are comfortable, waterproof, non-slip and that protect us from the cold.

There are boots that meet all these characteristics and that are also ideal for preventing the most common foot problems that appear at this time of year.

After more than two years of research, a group of French designers have developed Frosty, the most comfortable, lightweight and waterproof winter boots that best meet their purpose on the market.

The waterproof boots you won’t want to take off this winter

Designed to keep you healthy and warm even on the coldest of days.

The Frosty winter boots, thanks to their innovative design, their high quality padded inner lining that keeps you warm and the good opinions of those who have already tried them, have made a name for themselves as one of the best options among all the models of boots on the market.

Keeping our feet warm in winter is essential for both our comfort and our health.

Thanks to their gel effect sole, Frosty winter boots protect the foot and cushion impacts by distributing the impact of the footstep evenly across the sole of the foot.

How many times have you wet your socks in the rain or accidentally stepped in a puddle? With Frosty boots, it won’t happen again!

Waterproof and anti-slip technology

Forget about canvas trainers, suede shoes and any footwear that doesn’t protect you from the cold and rain. What you need this winter are waterproof boots that will become your best ally on those days when a puddle can ruin it for you.

Unfortunately, although it’s not something that happens every day, anyone can suffer a fall and even more so when it comes to walking on wet surfaces.

If you want to reduce the chances of this happening to you, Frosty boots, thanks to their rugged sole, are the best solution to avoid having to recover from a silly fall in the street on rainy days.

Keep reading, the benefits don’t end there!

The most comfortable, stylish, flexible and lightweight winter boots on the market.

Despite their classic design, Frosty boots have been designed to offer maximum comfort and protection thanks to the high quality materials they are made from.

They are lightweight and flexible. These boots will never deform no matter how much you wear them and no matter how much time goes by. Once you have these boots in your shoe rack, you will be grateful to walk the streets with your Frosty. They are going to become, without a doubt, your favourite footwear this winter.

The best option on the market

I love them! They are very comfortable to walk in for long periods of time, they are light and comfortable. They have sheepskin inside, which makes them very warm.

Jenna ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I use them every day to go to work and to take my kids to school! I have to walk quite a bit and these boots are very comfortable, warm, and best of all, they’re waterproof!

Mery ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The best winter boots I’ve ever had! They are waterproof and very warm. Also, the sole is flexible so walking in them is very comfortable. I will buy another pair for my wife.

Albert ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Main Benefits:

  • Non-slip winter boots: Rugged sole helps reduce the risk of a silly fall in the street on rainy days
  • Warm and protected from the rain: Soft fabric lining and non-slip sole for those cold, rainy days. Equally suitable for dressing up as they are for a day out or hiking
  • They take care of your health: They protect and cushion impacts by distributing the impact of your footsteps. In addition, they are breathable, allowing your feet to breathe, avoiding sweat and bad odours
  • They are light and flexible: Frosty will never deform no matter how much you use them, they are also very comfortable and are available in various colours


  • Only sold in the official store

Who is ordering the Heater T30?


What are the sizes like?
It is recommended to buy the same size as your usual size.
How many colours are available?
They are unisex and are available in 4 different colours.
Are they waterproof and slip-resistant?
Yes, they are waterproof and have a non-slip sole, perfect for cold and rainy days. They’re just as good as snow boots.

Do they eventually lose their shape?

Frosty boots, thanks to the materials they are made of, will never lose their shape no matter how much they are worn.



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